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May 2, 2021 posted by admin

You may have all read that Paul and I have partnered with my friend Sheila to purchase a new boat. You will remember Sheila from the Mini days. She was a fantastic indispensible part of my team back then and is looking to do some sailing again! So we decided to buy a 2018 L30.

This new boat has a brilliant program ahead of her. For now we will call her L. Naming will come but boats have many superstitions including announcing the name before the name is on the boat.

Please allow me to introduce you to L.

Her mission in life is to do some offshore racing and teaching. If the stars align, she will be the class boat at the 2024 Olympics for the proposed mixed double handed offshore class. However, that proposed event is looking less and less likely these days. If I can’t get to the Olympics with this boat I can at least get back into some exciting offshore racing! Let’s wait and see what happens there.

Meanwhile, let’s get this offshore boat ready to do some racing! L was built in Europe. That means that her AC electrical system is 240volt 50Hz. Its the 50Hz that is the critical item. Supplying only 120 volts rather than 240 volts is fairly indifferent, however if there are already “fixtures” on the boat that use AC and 50 Hz (cycles) they will literally go up in smoke.

Fortunately, there is very little on L to start with when it comes to electrical. Out goes the battery charger,

shorepower outlet, electrical plugs and anything else that looks “miffy”. Oh heck, let’s just pull the whole panel and reorganize the DC side while we are at it.

Then in goes a new charger, shorepower outlets, AC plugs and a bunch more electrical stuff. Next up, some wiring for the mast, a fuel cell for recharging power while sailing and some new VHF wiring throughout! Don’t worry….these wires won’t be hanging when I am done…but the tidy up happens when it is all finished 🙂 Meanwhile, we have AC charging and an active DC panel ready for some new lights and Raymarine electronics.


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