Off Lands End and Heading for Plymouth

May 15, 2012 posted by admin

Tuesday May 15

The fleet had 25 knots of wind overnight. About 9am (local time, 4am Toronto time) Diane & Andrew turned off the wind, heading away from Fastnet Rock (the next mark of the course). It appears they have discontinued racing. The race committee noticed and has been monitoring them since that time.

About 3pm (local, 10am Toronto) learned that Diane & Andrew have been in contact with Falmouth Coast Guard. Falmouth CG advises they are “Ok” and making their way back to Plymouth. That’s where the race was started and will finished.

As of 5pm (local, noon Toronto) OGOC are in 15 knots of wind out of the north west, making 7 knots east towards Plymouth, about 80 miles away. Several more hours before they are in.

Manu Poki is already back back at the dock, having retired from the race due to a broken winch and damaged wind instruments. Mad Dog, near Bishop Rock, has also spoken with Falmouth CG, advising hull and rudder damage, on an hourly radio schedule and putting in at Hugh Town, St. Mary’s. Mad Spaniel have also turned around and are heading for Lands End, with no details available at this time.

Looks like the Race Committee and Coast Guard are on top of things to ensure everybody gets home safely. Fleet Tracking allows one to monitor the retiring boats as well as the competitors continuing to race.

Found some photos from the start. I like this one with smiles.

Picture of Diane & Andrew on OGOC, all smiles at the UK Mini Fastnet start.

Diane & Andrew wearing Smiles and Foul Weather Gear for the Start. Click for larger image.

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