Offload Complete

April 7, 2012 posted by admin

April 7, 2012
Hey to everyone.  Seems my last post didn’t get populated, so I’m going to recap the last few days for everyone.  The boat arrived on Friday at 9am.  We offloaded her with some fantastic skill from Davy the owner of the Nauty’more yard here in Hennebont.  He’s an amazing one man operation!  He also came in 5th in the Transat race last year.  Needless to say the yard is FULL of minis.  It’s a great place to be.  Today we were able to get OGOC off of the canted cradle and onto her keel.  We’ve sorted through some of the gear and tomorrow more “stuff” will get reinstated.  She has to be fully rigged and ready to go for Tuesday when we launch.  This isn’t like Lake Ontario.  In this river there is a 17 foot tide and basically a ditch that it runs through.  Once we launch we turn and head for Port St. Catherine which is the basin for the start of the Demi-Cle. The race rules require us to be in the basin by Wednesday at 9am.  Our race inspection is  Thursday and the race starts Friday!


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