Oh What A Night – The Sea-Squall

February 27, 2011 posted by admin

Noon Sunday February 27, 2011

Don’t know there was a squall, but couldn’t resist the pun on Oscar night. Just off the blower with Paul. Diane telephoned earlier in the day. A second rough night. After screaming along under white sails she decided it was time to heave to before the broach (wipe out). The drogue got another work out too.

Two consecutive nights of building the cache of stories and experience to share with . Lori Mason of hosts events for WOW and has also put a treasure trove of the right gear on the boat. Diane was lovin’ the safety gear, the past couple of nights especially. Thanks Lori! as well Diane is looking forward to her next talk with the WOW women.

Despite the elements, our tenacious Diane has made considerable progress on the leg to Cay Lobos. The 12:05pm fix putting her 126nm out. Batteries are OK. Making progress while making time to look after herself.

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  1. john globemasterone Says:

    Good news. Thanks team.

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