Please Publish the List!

December 17, 2012 posted by admin

To gain an entry spot into the 2013 Mini Transat race, a potential competitor must achieve two things.  It’s not as simple as just sending in an application form.  You have to complete 1000 nautical miles in the class races in France, as well as a 1000 nautical mile solo passage, non stop, on an approved route.  All of this needs to be accomplished within five years of your race year and in the boat you will do the race in.

For 2013 there are 80 spots in the Mini Transat race.  In some years, by the time registration has closed, there have been more than 140 applicants!  Then the race to complete the race requirements is on!  First competitors to complete their required 2000 miles will gain a spot.  If you’ve been following my race registration, you will know that back in November OGOC applied for one of the coveted DCQ spots.  A Derogation Calendrier de Qualification is basically a wildcard for non European boats attempting to complete their 2000 miles within their race year, once they arrive to France with their boat.  The wildcard gives the non European competitor an extension of time to get their miles in. This year there are ten of us who have applied for the coveted six spots.  Some have very little racing left to complete before gaining a wildcard, others haven’t found a boat yet.  So, whether a European or a non European race registrant, the Paris boat show is now closed and we are all waiting for Classe Mini to publish the full race registration list to see where everyone stands in the ranks of gaining a spot in the 2013 Mini Transat race.

But where do we stand in all of this confusion?  Well, thanks to all of the fantastic support from our partners, OGOC has completed the solo passage and half of the race miles in France, putting us ahead of at least half of the DCQ applicants.  Now we wait with great anticipation, for the list to be published!  I’ll share it as soon as it’s posted 🙂


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