Racing For Another Day

July 15, 2012 posted by admin

July 15, 2012


We had a great first race today.  The boat was moving well and we had all but one of our target boats where we wanted them.  With our math we figured we were tied overall for first place with very little margin on second place and third.  The second race started up in a building breeze with a forecast for a thunderstorm.  We had a FANTASTIC start, on the line with speed and height on our competition and then BOOM!  The main started flogging and the boat started to slow down.  The laminate in the main sail, just below the headboard, blew wide open.  Our racing for the day was over.  It’s like they say…..”stuff happens”.  We talked briefly about jury rigging the system to get the main put back together, but the final decision was to save the sail and call it a day.  Right now it’s an easy fix for the loft.  If it had blown out even more, it would have been a horrendous repair.  We’ll get them next time!

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