September 5, 2013 posted by admin

Over the years, CMC Electronics continues to provide OGOC with amazing technical support of our autopilots and various onboard electronics.  They have absolutely pulled me out of the fire, corrected my errors in installations, helped me with trouble shooting and certainly gone above and beyond the call.  A solo sailor is only as good as their autopilot.  Without it we can’t leave the dock!  Well now thanks to CMC Electronics we are welcoming Raymarine onboard.

OGOC will be going into the Mini Transat race with THE state of the art…top of the line autopilot system! In the next few days we will be installing the .    

This new Evolution autopilot system is taking the world of autopilots to a whole new level with their innovative breakthrough in intelligence.  The Evolution autopilot perceives its environment and instantly calculates and evolves steering commands to maximize performance. The result is precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions.  So thanks to CMC Electronics, welcome to our newest partners Raymarine!

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