Red, Orange or Green?

October 15, 2013 posted by admin

October 15, 2010
Status Red, status Orange or status Green.  This is our new alert system to know when we are going to get a start.  The long range forecast is for a potential start in 5 to 7 days!!!  If they post a status red then we are “no start in the next 36 hours”.  If it’s status orange then it’s a possibility of leaving in the next 36 hours.  If it’s green then it’s a possibility of going in the next 24 hours.  Today we’re status red… is what it is!

Anyone know anything fun and exciting to do in Douarnenez that doesn’t cost anything???

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  1. cinthia Says:

    Les Moulins de Pouldergat 26 km walk or hike from Douarnenez…..

  2. Dave Hamburger Says:

    In response to your question…..make a video and post it!!!!
    Show us your boat, and your competition.
    What happened to your GOPRO ?

    BTW, the same thing happened to me in the canaries….but we just went anyway. Boredom is a small price to pay for avoiding the storm.

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