Sailing Along Under Big Blue

June 7, 2011 posted by admin

12:15pm Tuesday June 7, 2011

Diane has telephoned in to advise she’s got Big Blue, the light wind running spinnaker up and is making 3 knots in very light air. 77 nautical miles is a lot of slow going to the finish.

You might remember back to February 2011 when Diane’s adventures turned out to be a bit hit with certain seafaring friends. Yep the are back. In an effort to avoid being literally a hit with the freighters, she did a quick jibe to avoid one, with two results. First, being around to telephone, second she also wrapped Big Blue around the forestay several times. Was work to get it un-snarled, then a properly controlled jibe back onto course.

The heavy air spinnaker reaching battle of Sunday afternoon until very late Monday is now complete. Impressive Diane held her position ahead of on and is currently enjoying an 11 nautical mile lead. Philippe Laville on Pogo Loco is another 20 nautical miles behind. Light air, currents and into the fifth day of singled handed offshore racing, things can still change. Save Christian Reimer on Frogger, who is approaching the finish line and will likely finish early this afternoon.

As always, and any number of marine forecasts make following the race very exciting.

Diane is in great spirits. She’s really in her element, working to keep sailing along ahead of the competition.

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  1. Phil Playfair Says:

    Great work Diane. I have a break every hour to check out the iBoat tracker. It’s killing my productivity but it is great to see her doing so well. Give her my best when you speak to her next – at the finish line.


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