Saturday Night – LO300 Race Update

July 18, 2010 posted by admin

11pm Sunday July 17, 2010

The Lake Ontario 300 fleet blasted past the Leslie Street Spit between 12:30 and 3pm. Lots of wind and a very fast ride from the start at Pt. Credit. We saw Diane ahead of Nathan Baron on Boy’s and Girl’s Club.

The race started in strong winds, squalls and some tough sailing conditions. Several boats have broken gear, more than 30 have dropped out, and the coast guard has been involved in one rescue. The weather has since moderated.

Kattrack fleet tracking is not yet working. There is a posting on the front page of the LO300 web site asking for patients and understanding. In the meantime, Diane activated the Spot Tracker a bit after 7pm this evening. It’s spitting out updated positions every ten minutes.

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