Sea Tow – Check Them Out!

March 18, 2011 posted by admin

March 18, 2011

I hope you have had a chance to read the crazy events of my finish for the 1000 nautical mile qualifier in my last blog.  Certainly it wouldn’t have been as favourable an outcome if it wasn’t for the support I received to try and get back to my mooring ball and land.  I want to introduce you to .

Rand and his fantastic rigid inflatable were able to amazingly manoeuver around the mini in massive seas and winds and not leave a mark on her. Plus, we’ve all heard horror stories about the significant levels of damage that can result from towing. Often the worst damage happens during towing! Not the case with Rand and Sea Tow. OGOC and I were in fantastic hands. Considering there are no bow cleats on the mini, Rand figured out the best and safest towing method, and was able to negotiate safe towing speeds to keep the loads as minimal as possible while we were underway. Picture a inch and a half tow line stretched out well over one hundred feet and disappearing into the wave behind you, dragging a boat that wants nothing more than to scream at obnoxious speeds down each wave! Thanks Rand for your support and wonderful skills! For the rest of you, check out a membership with Sea Tow. It’s an inexpensive piece of insurance that is MUCH cheaper than calling for an emergency tow, and may just save your life and the life of your vessel one day. 🙂

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