Shore Effects

July 11, 2010 posted by admin

8:41am Sunday July 11, 2010

Diane’s update runs:
Hope you’re waking up happy. Last night was a good night. It got quite light as the sun went down and the night breeze built in about 1030 as usual. I passed Nathan, but then between naps I lost track of him. The Pogo took off at the start and we haven’t seen him since.

This morning I think Nathan is doing middle of the lake, slightly behind but to weather of me. I’m doing shoreline for the shore effect and anticipation of holes further out. I dunno… bit of a crap shoot really.

Still genoa and still on the nose. Bearing is 270° and I’m doing 315°ish at about 4 knots. At this rate we may have to have rations air lifted in ha ha ha.

About 8am this morning, Diane was south of Colborne (between Cobourg & Brighton). You can follow along on the Spot Tracker.

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