Skinny Legs

October 31, 2011 posted by admin

The Transat race is a grueling and physically punishing race. This year’s competitors are feeling the pain as we speak. 14 days into the second leg they’re busting their way out of the doldrums and have to call upon all of their strength to keep up the pace to win the race. Being physically fit is a key part of winning the race.  is the newest member of One Girl’s Ocean Challenge and has taken on the challenge of working me into shape for this arduous race.

utilizes your own body weight as resistance training to strengthen, define, tighten and firm your body, waking up smaller secondary muscles and literally pulling the muscles back to the bone creating a longer, slimmer version of yourself, sculpting long and lean arms, legs, glutes and abs through a weekly changing series of exercises together with the spirited cardio from calisthenics.  Not only does Skinny Legs understand muscle structures for women, but they also understand sports and sailing.  Watch the transformation as I become strong, lean and fit for pulling on halyards at all hours of the night.


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