So… a Guy Walks Into a Diner and a Horse…

November 12, 2013 posted by admin

Tuesday November 12, 2013

So… a guy walks into and diner and a horse shows up behind the counter. The guy just looks at the horse. The horse asks “What’s the matter, are you surprised to see me?” To which the guy replies:


Diane on deck, in her foulies, at the dock.

All Dressed Up, but No Place To Go - click for a larger image.

This morning’s news release from the Mini Transat web site reports:

This morning the Race Director posted an amendment regarding a postponement of fifteen hours to the start of the race from Sada to Pointe-à-Pitre. The new warning signal will be given on Wednesday 13 November at 9am [3am Wednesday morning Toronto time].

There are two reasons behind this new start: first, according to the race meteorologist, the fleet might encounter strong winds with a risk of winds gusting over 40 knots off Cape Finisterre. More importantly, the passage of a front overnight will cause heavy rain and very low visibility. To send a fleet of over 70 boats out at night into in a high traffic area where many fishing boats do not have AIS, was an added complication in the circumstances.  In many ways, given all the incidents and adventures of the Mini fleet since its departure from Douarnenez, this delay is only a small hiccup…

They have a timer on the front page of the web site ticking down to Wednesday 9am local (3am Toronto time) start. Lest Diane gets called over early, best note that it’s Tim blogging again.

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