11pm Saturday July 10, 2010

Tim again. The three minis started their race about 10am this morning at K9 just off Kingston. Nathan Baron is the skipper of Boy’s and Girl’s Club. Both Nathan and Diane are single handed. The third boat is Pogo Logo skippered by Philippe Laville with two crew mates for a total of three.

At 8pm, Diane writes: Nathan is just to weather of me, and unfortunately he read the playbook on covering. Phillippe on the other hand has horizon jobbed us. That ls ok as he’s in the demonstration triple handed division. Yes three onboard. We have our jib and main up. Course is uphill to Pt. Petre.

Dinner time gotta go. Dinner is scalloped potatoes a la freeze dried. Then a significant amount of caffeine.

You can continue to follow Diane on the spot tracker. At 11pm, they’re just south of Price Edward County tacking into the westerly wind. We’ll see what progress the morning brings on their race to Pt. Credit.

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