Sprint To The Finish

June 8, 2011 posted by admin

10pm Tuesday June 7, 2011

Diane telephoned and reports the afternoon wind was up and down. She changed from genoa to Big Blue (the light reacher) and back again more than a dozen times. Still she’s holding off in Tough with the sail inventory discrepancy.

The 10pm position fixes from has Diane 22 miles from the finish, 27 miles from the finish and Philippe on Pogo Loco 50 miles from the finish.

In the afternoon Diane was doing some chart and tide calculations for different finishing times – it’s a narrow channel into St. George’s Sound, Bermuda. The worst of the tide is just after midnight, her earliest arrival time. She may decide to just cross the finish line, drop a hook and enter the harbour at first light.

Five mile difference between Diane & Jay after more than 600 miles. What a close race!

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  1. Roger Van Vlack Says:

    Congrats kid great race

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