Sunday Evening – LO300 Race Update

July 19, 2010 posted by admin

9pm Sunday July 18, 2010

At 6pm Diane writes: so tonight’s dinner comnsisted of today’s lunch. I can’t eat a whole bag of this stuff in oner sitting. I also can’t drive and email on the phone in 4 knots of massive breeze and sloppy slop all at the same time.

You may be looking and wondering what the big plan is. Well I tried shoreline and there was no wind there with the slop so now I’m trying “out” such that it may be. The breeze is supposed to go south (direction rather than attitude) so I’m banking on the great circle route taking me to R2 [Niagara] via Rochester.

The coffee is good and running low as I dumped a significant amount of it on the cabin floor! Woohoo starting to lift… come on 280° mamma needs a big leg up the ladder!
See ya soon I hope!

Tim again: Kattack has a “quick viewer” for individual fleets, including Diane & Nathan in the Single Handed Division. Nathan rounded Ford Shoals (near Oswego) ahead of Diane, who rounded about 4pm. Now, it looks like Diane has caught up and is now pulling ahead by going out into the lake. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Screen capture from Kattack

8:46pm Sunday - The Single Handed Fleet. Diane's One Girl's Ocean Challenge is the burgundy boat with the long tail. Nathan Baron on Boy's and Girl's Club is the blue boat with the short tail.

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