Sunday Morning – LO300 Race Update

July 18, 2010 posted by admin

7:30am Sunday July 18, 2010

At 7am, Diane notes: made it through yesterday’s storms ok. The first one hit as we were coming into Gibraltar Point. It wasn’t too bad. But just as things were getting settled out and it seemed like a good idea to put the kite up again… wammo! I heard some boats say upwards of sixty. Not too sure about that, but I know we laid on our side for a very long time! Turns out the jib sheet was slighty cleated! Anyhoo. When the kite came down it was UGLY. Ended up behind the boat and wrapped on a rudder and a the keel! All is back together with the exception of the jet boil where I tried to scramble eggs!
ttfn Diane

Tim again. At 6:30am, Diane was just south of Point Petre. Managed to get onto Kattrack Fleet Tracking, but it continues to have troubles. Not the least of which is Nathan a few miles ahead of Diane. Click on “Satellite” within Spot Tracker to see Main Duck Island.

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