TADA! On The Ferry!

January 31, 2013 posted by admin

January 31, 2013
TADA!  One Canadian Mini sailor has arrived in England and is on her way to France.  It’s been a crazy adventure (as always with me) all the way!  First we landed at Heathrow on a one way ticket, waiting for a conversation from customs.  But, they let me!  Silly buggers!  Then I took the tube to the DVLA office to sort out some paperwork for Geoff’s van (aka my new home).  Then me and my 150 lbs of suitcases (literally) dragged our way onto the train to get the taxi to take us to the van.  After figuring out the complex alarm system and annoying every neighbour within 5 miles, I was off to get the drysuits.  After all of my adventures, I ended up at my friend Jake’s ship to crash for the night.  He’s out of town, so his brother and girlfriend and a boat load of their friends all made me feel very welcom.  Now the van and I are loaded up onto the ferry for France and on to our next adventure!

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