Sorted: Ready to Splash & Race

November 17, 2013 posted by admin

Sunday November 17, 2013: Cascais, Portugal

Diane writes: You will all be glad to hear that the electrician has come with the new batteries.  He also brought a battery analyser and both batteries indeed faulted to “bad – replace”. New truck batteries are onboard and chugging away like mad! They aren’t deep cycles but they will last to Guadeloupe and onto Miami for sure. The bobstay, bowsprit and glasswork is all finished, reinstated and all the little things are done.

I am fully sorted. The only thing I need is for the bank machine to work tomorrow and then I will be able to pay the marina. I’ve booked to launch at 0830 in the morning. I’ll clear customs and get my passport stamped at 0900 and then I will get towed out and be on my way.

Thank you to EVERYONE!

Diane 😉

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  1. Dave Hamburger Says:

    Good work!!! Very impressive.
    Reliable bank machines are something we take for granted in canada.

  2. Bill Wickett Says:

    Keep it up Diane. You are overcoming it all, and are still in the race. All about finishing. What a great marina and people there to be able to help you get to work.
    Watching from 50 Point on Western Lake Ontario.

  3. cinthia Says:

    I am so happy for you! Guadeloupe get ready here comes Diane!

  4. admin Says:

    Dave – thanks for the heads up about bank machines. Diane’s logistics team had Plan B ready to roll if necessary. Pity she didn’t get launched Sunday afternoon – that would shave 15+ hours off her stop. -tim

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