Thalasso Spa Day

October 4, 2013 posted by admin

October 4, 2013

The girls of the 2013 Mini Transat got a very special treat yesterday.  We were pampered by the Thalasso Spa for an entire afternoon.

The afternoon started off with a most amazing lunch of pumpkin soup, crab roulette and foie gras.  Then we moved on to our main course of seafood with some kind of crazy delicious sauce followed up with a delicious coffee and a dessert of milk chocolate mousse, vanilla creme and pear compote!  I would have been satisfied at that point……but that was just the beginning!


At the Spa things got kicked off with some reporters and a little photo op.  We had to put booties on to keep the floors clean and then we were up to the terrace.



The little booties were interesting!  Katrina was happy to play “fashion model” for us.


Then it was on to my first of four luxurious treatments.




The facial involved a bunch of cleansers…some steam…a bunch of scouring pads ( I think they call that exfoliating?) and then some heavy encouragement to wear “day cream” more often.  Clearly I am not doing my sponsor justice with my skin care.  I tried to explain to the lady that I use the BEST sunscreen in the world, but I’m not sure she completely understood.  There was also a full on facial massage and finally some interesting eucalyptus thing.


Next was a bath.


More specifically a hydrotherapy bath.  This thing had some incredible jets and interesting lights.  Here you can just see one of the red lights coming on.  They would change through red blue and green while the jets rotated around and gave you a full massive massage with salt water.


Treatment number three followed up a nice relaxing moment with friends in the Jacuzzi and a bit of lounging on the terrace.


It was a full on massage.  I’ve been running every other morning and riding my bicycle everywhere and I’ve been bashing about on the boat a ton.  I’m covered in bruises, scrapes and tired muscles.  The massage was incredible!  I am sure she looked at my skin and thought to herself ???


And then the final treatment.  I had been hearing about this one all afternoon from the other girls.  Nobody was really sure what to call it.  It was some kind of algae therapy.  BUT  it was certainly more than that.

This may look like a simple little room with a shower, but it’s way more than that.  When I arrived to this room the blue blanket had a massive plastic sheet on it.  I laid down and then she covered me with this red algae goop.  She tried to tell me what it contained and basically it was another combination of interesting stuff with derivatives from shells and things like that.  Then she wrapped me in the plastic.  I had a brief flash to CSI the tv show and all the bodies they wrap in plastic, but she assured me everything would be fine….  hahahah!  Then the other half of the blue blanket was wrapped overtop and the whole thing started to heat up like mad!  If you’ve seen the movie “Jack the Giant Slayer” and you remember the scene where they get wrapped up as pigs in a blanket to be eaten, then you can imagine what I looked like.  There was even a panic button on the wall if I needed out.  20 minutes later I was fully cooked and my skin still feels amazing the next day!


Thank you Thalasso for giving us a wonderful memorable moment.  I will think nice warm fuzzy thoughts when I’m three layers deep in thermals bashing around in the Bay of Biscay on my way to the Canary Islands!



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