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May 29, 2013 posted by admin

May 29, 2013
Well, it’s my last night in France (so to speak).  Tomorrow night I will drive to the airport for a 7am flight home.  It’s been quite a journey these past 4 months and our team has a lot to be proud of.  We are currently ranked 49 out of 180+ mini racers.  We were third in the UK Solent, fourth in the UK Fastnet (and one of only 7 out of 17 to even finish the race!) and 34th in the Pornichet Select.  “We” are the first Canadian women EVER to qualify for the Mini Transat and will be the third Canadian EVER to do the race!  Our team has triumphed where many others have not been so successful, and it’s only because of our amazing team that we have been so successful.  From the sponsors, to the contributors and supporters, to the people I have enslaved mercilessly as part of the OGOC team…to my friends who have tolerated story after story and rant after rant….to my fabulous husband Paul who has certainly suffered the most out of everyone….I thank you all.  Thank you for allowing me to fly my Canadian flag and my ABYC burgee so very proudly.  This really has been a massive and fantastic team effort!  Now, time to go home for a little re-acquaintance with reality and my husband, some generation of campaign dollars and some well deserved work for my campaign partners!  See you all back home on Friday!

Diane 🙂

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