Thanks Paul, Safety: Check & Thursday Sail

June 10, 2010 posted by admin

Wednesday June 9

Well our fantastic shorecrew has headed home. Paul left about 10am this morning. We couldn’t have gotten everything together without him. There have been a few trips to the chandlery and lots of gear chasing around Annapolis.

For those of you who don’t know, Nick Sellars is doing the race double handed with me. He’s a great team mate. Between the two of us we have a great compliment of knowledge and a fantastic tolerance for each other! As for the boat, we’ve got the rig tuned, the running rigging well in place and the gear stowed in great fashion for stacking. Not only that but we had our safety inspection today and passed with flying colours. We do have a couple of things to simply square away, but nothing too drastic.

The plan is tonight (Wednesday evening) to look at the tides and currents and blend that in with our local knowledge we’ve been gathering, and start to build a plan.

Thursday morning we will go sailing and see what the rig tuning looks like, then it’s the skipper’s meeting tomorrow afternoon and a little bit of a party in the evening.

Hope everyone at home is having a great time! Send you a note tomorrow after we go sailing.

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