The Antidote is Administered!

July 28, 2013 posted by admin

July 28, 2013
Wow!!! What an exciting and tuff tuff race!  After 6 days of fog, rain, more fog, more rain, hi winds, no winds, freezing temperatures and WAY too many bags of freeze dried food, Jean Francois and I crossed the finish line in second place on Antidote.  We spent almost two hours drifting back and forth within a half mile of the finish line and with absolutely no wind, but around 10:00pm we finally were able to cross and get our gun.  Stay tuned for the full report of the race of our stories of hi wind spinnaker take downs, crazy fish following us and even a moment of emergency repair to our starboard rudder. In the meantime we have a boat to clean up, clothes to wash and real food to eat!  AND, if we are very very good and get our chores done, we might get a chance to go see George Leblanc’s Open 60 that just crossed the finish line!  Thanks to George for being the founder of our Rimouski race!
All in all though, a well earned second place finish for Jean Francois’ first long distance short handed race!  Bravo Jean Francois! 🙂

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