The Breeze Is Back

February 24, 2011 posted by admin

7pm Wednesday February 23, 2011

Paul provides this evening’s update:

About 4pm the breeze filled in at about 8kts from the north east and Diane was able to put the sails up and get moving again at 3kts in the right direction.

It’s been a very quiet day with no real excitement except for the little fishies. For most of the day while drifting along there has been 5 fish approximately 12″ (30cm) long that have been hiding in the shadow of OGOC like she is their mother ship. They seem to love Cheerios and at one point a flying fish came along and they chased it away. Diane will throw a handful of cereal off the boat and the fish go mad. But after a little bit when they realize that the mother ship is drifting away they leave the food bits and run for the shadow of the hull.

It has been a very nice sunny day and Diane’s new hat that was given to her by Tilley Endurables has been a huge asset in keeping her head cool and protecting her from the glare off the water.

There really isn’t much more to say about today. It’s just been quiet and now it’s time to get back to sailing.

What’s that Paul? Make way when the wind is blowing? Wise words.

Checking in with Spot Tracker, Diane has indeed been making distance since the wind came back. 14.5 nautical miles between 4pm & 8pm fixes.

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  1. john globemasterone Says:

    Goodbye little fishies……..HELLO waypoint # 2. GO DIANE !!!

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