The DCQ List Is In!

December 4, 2012 posted by admin

December 4, 2012

The DCQ list is in!  Classe Mini has published the list of names of the ten applicants for a DCQ position.  It’s going to be tight competition this year.  Although classe mini hasn’t published the miles each of the ten competitors has completed, we have done some homework and it looks like possibly two of the applicants already have all of their miles in, and other applicants have significant events completed.  This puts the pressure on to get qualified.  OGOC is changing the game plan to meet with the new circumstances.  We’re going to ITALY!  It’s imperative that we complete the first “B class” race of the season, which is in Italy.  Although this sounds very exotic, it also means that the cost of living, operations and logistics has also become more exotic…..oh wait, that’s expensive not exotic!  As always we will adapt and make it work, and make you proud.  See you at the Toronto Boat Show!

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