December 13, 2012 posted by admin

December 13, 2012

One Girl’s Ocean Challenge has just received her first Christmas present!  Thank you !







This is the ICOM MA-500TR AIS transceiver.  Recent rule changes with Classe Mini means that our existing AIS no longer meets requirements.  This new unit from will make us completely compliant as well as provide us with fantastic and valuable information, including “collision risk management functions”.

For anyone who has listened to my wild and adventurous talks, you will recall that the one thing that scares me out there is hitting garbage or being hit by commercial traffic!  Although the use of an AIS doesn’t take away the requirement to maintain a proper lookout, it does give me a great chunk of information to use in my “are we going to have a problem” calculation.




Thank you ICOM Canada for becoming part of our little family at One Girl’s Ocean Challenge!



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