The MAP Race Starts Thursday Noon

May 30, 2012 posted by admin

Wednesday May 30, 2012

Tim again: Diane, suffering internet connection issues, reports: The weather routing is plugged in! We’re finally going to have some down wind racing even if it only averages 5-10 knots for the whole race. If we can keep up to the weather window, it looks like the wind will follow us all the way around the course. My spinnakers are finally going to see some sunshine!

The trackers are also loaded onto the boats and all of the security checks are in place. There are a few last pieces of equipment to offload from OGOC and then tomorrow at noon, 80 minis go charging off to the Raz De Sein and beyond!

Tim again: that’s tomorrow noon (local time) or Thursday 6am Toronto time for the start of the race. Here’s the course:

Diane sent four photos – click to see larger images.

Ever wonder why France has so many single handed and distance sailor? Classrooms of school children on field trips, come by to see the boats preparing for the race.

Although the toes look familiar, it’s another competitor sorting their masthead electronics.

There are 80 minis registered for the race. As Diane described it: Mini Heaven.

Where’s Waldo Diane? Or rather the boat. You’ll definitely want to click the picture into a bigger image.

With the race being organized in France, not surprising, the web site is in French. Although it might be too late to pay attention in grade 7 French class, here are a few links to the important pages. First up is the which includes the above. Yellow Brick is providing the , same as the UK Mini Fastnet, and hope to find and “English” button there. Expect the will be running by the start of the race. As well, is on the web site.

Fair Winds Diane!

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