The Night Before the Start of “Two”

June 15, 2011 posted by admin

6pm Wednesday June 15, 2011

Well the final packing is complete, the weather routing is in, the garbage has been pulled from the boat and the potato chips have all been eaten! We’re ready to go.

We went for a walk on the beach today to enjoy a nice quiet moment before the mayhem begins! Mayhem? Yes, the start for the race will be here at St. George’s in the harbour. Then all 29 of us will be squeezing our way out through the Town Cut. Could be very interesting!

Then it’s North West to Newport. The weather pattern settling in is looking to be a significant high with a small front coming through in a few days. Basically the weather is going to continuously clock around us all the way to Newport. Nick and I figure it’s a “lake racer’s dream”: light, lumpy and disturbing. We’ve had 30+ years experience with this and we’re all psyched to put our experience in play. Looks like all the are also in play so you can all follow along! 🙂

Have Fun and Stay Safe

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