The Race is ON!!

November 5, 2012 posted by admin

November 5, 2012

The race is on!  Although there will be 90+ boats racing in the 2013 Mini Transat, they only save 6 spots (DCQ) for non European competitors.  They save these spots so that the non European boats can complete their race miles in the same year as the race, rather than having to get them all in the year before.  As of November 1st, all applications for a DCQ had to be submitted.  On December 1st, th…

ey will publish the list of DCQ competitors and their miles achieved to date.  Then we will know where we stand in gaining a DCQ.  Fortunately we have all but two races in.  From the scouting out I’ve done, it looks like OGOC is probably in the top three for miles achieved, but if there are more than 6 boats that have applied for a DCQ, then the race is on!  Whoeaver gets their miles in first gets a spot!  Exciting times!!!

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