Time for Fast Spinnaker Work

June 5, 2011 posted by admin

Afternoon Sunday June 5, 2011

For the next 24 hours the weather is ideal for some fast spinnaker work. 12-15 knot winds out of the north, that will build tonight with gusts to 25kts. This calls for the heavy reaching spinnaker. Uh oh. When we last heard of the heavy reaching kite, it was in the midst of carnal relations with the running backstay and the rudders. Diane had to cut it loose and left a good sized chunk of it in the ocean.

This hole in the sail inventory is not good for Diane. The big, light air runner is not a good choice for reaching in heavier winds. As a result OGOC is sailing along under main and genoa against the other Minis carrying spinnakers. They are slowly getting through her.

Different winds would help. If they lighten, she can pop the light kite. Or if they go forward (develop more of an easterly component), such that all the Minis have to sail under main & genoa, she’ll be back in the race.

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  1. Karen Brown Says:

    Hi Diane,
    Keep up the hutspa!

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