Time to go Home

June 4, 2012 posted by admin

June 4, 2012Well it’s been a wonderful long two months here in France, but it’s time to go home.  OGOC is out of the water and all squared away and ready to go to bed for the rest of the season.  It’s been a fantastic and very very successful time here.  We’ve accomplished 370 of our qualifying miles, along with one of those races being the obligatory single handed race.  Next spring we’ll come back and do the Artemis training, the balance of races and maybe even some more training here in France!  Stay tuned of course for some more racing when I get back to Canada!

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  1. Jean-François Poliquin Says:

    Hello Diane
    Returning to Canada, if you sail you will be missing the welcome
    in Quebec, to practice on the St. Lawrence, and come and see the start of the Transat Quebec Saint-Malo
    Looking forward
    Jean-Francois Poliquin
    zero 726

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