Tired After A Busy Night

February 21, 2011 posted by admin

11:30am Monday February 21, 2011

Paul continues with this morning’s update: Just off the phone with Diane…

Captain’s blog Feb.21/11 Tired after a busy night.

So Diane is doing well and spirits are still high. 13kts of breeze right now and she is 34 miles from the turn at Hole in the Wall and pointed right at it.

Last night was tough. 20kts of breeze and lots of traffic through the passage. To add to this she needed to use her hand bearing compass because following the computer on the boat was frustrating due to shifts and lots of cross waves that kept soaking the boat.

During the night she had one reef in the jib and two in the main. All of these have been shaken out and the genoa is about to come back on deck so it can dry out. It was stuffed down below because of all the wave action.

The auto pilot is on and the batteries are full up. It’s time to eat since there wasn’t much time for that last night and then strip off a layer of gear and have a nap.

The boat is a bit wet from the waves and tossing the sails below deck, but Diane isn’t. Her new Dubarry boots and Gill foul weather gear are keeping here warm and dry which in turn is keeping her happy.

TIm again. Had a note from Guy Perrin of Sail World Canada who have an article for their readers about Diane staring her Qualifying Run, taken mostly from the prior two blog posts.

Diane’s latest location is available through Spot Tracker.

3 Responses to “Tired After A Busy Night”

  1. Kate Driscoll Says:

    Cruisin’ along with ya! Love your boots BTW…

  2. john globemasterone Says:

    Easy to follow Diane in the middle of the Northwest Providence Channel this afternoon headed for the southern end of Great Abaco Island and Hole in the Wall at the most southern point. Good to hear Diane is in good spirits.
    GO DIANE !!!

  3. Kelly Says:

    Sounds like ur doing really well. YOU GO GIRL! YOU ROCK!
    GO DI GO!!!

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