Training Weekend #2

February 24, 2013 posted by admin

February 24, 2013

Another fantastic training weekend!  This weekend’s focus was on reaching, target boat speeds and optimal angles for gennakers and jibs vs code 5s.  I have a new list of “modifications” to be done to the boat to move up to a new level of optimization!  Plus, on Tuesday there is a small distance training race we can do.  I will try to get the GoPro running for Tuesday’s race!

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  1. Dave Hamburger Says:

    Wow…I’m excited to see video of you racing!!!

    I’m really glad to hear of your exceptional preparation…its the hard work behind a successful voyage.

    PS. This weekend (here in canada), I shovelled all the snow out of my cockpit, so please keep those updates coming…we snowbound, armchair sailors need ’em.

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