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November 11, 2013 posted by admin

Monday November 11, 2013

Tim again. I don’t want to distract you from reading Diane’s post The Road to Sada. It’s a great read with Diane’s first person account of the conditions and a couple pictures of waves pounding into Gijón harbour wall. When you’ve read it, come back for the video links below. Cue the theme music from Jeopardy.

Pip Hare joins Diane to discuss the sail from Douarmenez to Gijón, the delivery from Gijón to Sada and look forward to Tuesday’s start in this eight minute video.

A two minute video of the much delayed, original start of the race in Douarmenez, you can see the Minis cutting though the starting conditions.

A six minute video round up of the leg from Douarmenez to Gijón in English. It includes most of the two minute video on the demasting of Jeffery MacFarlane.

A two minute Welcome to Gijón video with just a bit of french at the end, notable for the great shots of the town’s waterfront.

Back for the restart after retiring due to damage in the original Douarmenez start, we have Craig Horsfield getting launched in Sada via travel lift in this two minute video.

And two more commentaries about the Dourmenez to Gijón and Gijón to Sada runs. Nine minute video of Aron Meder and eight minute video of Richard Hewson.

And for completeness, here’s the 15 seconds of raw footage Pip shot of Diane during the 30 seconds of sunshine during the second leg of the Sada delivery.

Regret these video links were not into Diane’s blog earlier. There seem to be some issues with video links on the MiniTrans web site. Fingers crossed they’re getting sorted out. However, these direct links have been tested and are working fine.

Today Diane is busy getting gear sorted and stowed for tomorrow’s start, non stop to Guadeloupe.




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