Trophy Presentation & Bermuda Ocean Race Report

June 20, 2010 posted by admin

11pm Saturday June 19

Well it’s been an amazing run. The last day of the race was truly the best. As you all know most of the race was up hill with occasional opportunites for the code 0 and no opportunities for spinnaker runs. Thursday was the first time we were able to get our big kite up and let her stretch her legs. On Wednesday we were getting worried that Nick wouldn’t make his plane on Saturday, but once the kite was up we started really knocking off the miles.

On Wednesday we were getting worried that Nick wouldn't make his plane on Saturday.

The skipper’s meeting forecast predicted south and south west winds for most of the race. Can you imagine how fast our little boat would have gone if she had her favorite wind! We were having sooo much fun coming into Bermuda with the kite up and cranking her on any wave we could, that we didn’t notice our heading change. We could have missed Bermuda entirely! Apparently Nick and I get easily distracted!

Bird below on the boat.

Charlie is a stow away that landed on the boat and came into the cabin about sixty miles out from Bermuda.

Charlie's parting poop for good luck.

Charlie stayed the night with us and left in the morning. The little black case shows the parting gift from Charlie. It's brought good luck in the form of wind for the spinnaker.

All of the competitors slowly trickled in and cleared Customs House. The stories started to flow and so did the rum!

Tied up in St. George

A pic of boats. If you look very carefully you will see that we are actually in the first slip. You can just barely make out the transome of the mini. Just a little size perspective of our competitors.

There were three boats in our double handed division, even though they listed us seperately in the Mini division. Razor’s Edge retired shortly after the start. The second boat “Quicksilver” a C+C 37R really showed their skills right at the finish. About 60 miles out from Bermuda they suffered a rudder delamination. They turned their wheel and nothing would happen! Imagine a jury rig from the water, under the boat! Well done guys. They still beat us in to the finish line, but Retired After the Finish as they possibly had done the course incorrectly. These guys really deserve a Corinthian trophy for not only effecting a massive repair, but also for coming to the race committee and retiring. You guys are tops with me! I really respect you.

Well it all came together at the awards party. One Girl’s Ocean Challenge won “Double Handed Division First to Finish” and “Double Handed Division First Place Corrected Time”.

Trophy Presentation at St. George Dinghy and Sport Club

One Girl's Ocean Challenge won "Double Handed Division First to Finish" and "Double Handed Division First Place Corrected Time".

It was a great run and now it’s time to get ready for the next run. Well have a great night everyone!

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  1. Sheila Smith Says:


    Congratulations on the double win! Very sweet after all that hard work. Hope you had some time to enjoy Bermuda before your next leg!
    Good luck!


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