Trousse Pharmacie

October 12, 2013 posted by admin

October 12, 2013
It’s official!  We’re on a day by day alert for a weather window to open up for the start of the 2013 Mini Transat Race.  As of Monday at 1800 they will do a daily post on the official notice board of the weather status off of Cape Finisterre and our new start date and time.  As soon as the briefing was over it was a mad dash to the boats.  Minimum two more days for people to work on their boats!!!  Instantly the drills came out, hacksaws started swinging and hammers started banging.  I decided to sort through my Pharmacy kit a little and then to do a splice.  One of the items we’re required to have in the Pharmacy kit is suntan lotion.  I have a bottle of my favourite Sunscreen not only in my boat, but also in my toilet case AND in my Pharmacy kit…just incase!


In the meantime, we’re ready and raring to go!



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  1. Daniel Baril Says:

    Hello Diane,
    Best of luck !…
    I’ll be watching you from Dakar….
    If you need to stop around here (I do not wish that for you) you are welcome anytime…

    Santa Maria I

  2. cinthia Says:

    Very happy to protect your skin! I am excited to follow you! Cinthia

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