We’re In!

December 2, 2011 posted by admin

December 1, 2011
We’re all moved in at Bristol Marine.  The work list we’re tackling is fairly short, but in reality it’s incredibly extensive.  We’re going to pull all of the hardware off the deck to do new non skid so I don’t slide all over the place in the ocean.  The keel needs to come off so we can seperate the bulb and find out why it’s cracking at the joint, and then we’re going to roll her over to rectify the oil canning in the stern and totally fair in the bottom.  Today’s jobs consisted of getting her in the shop, pulling hardware and cutting a nice size hole in the port quarter berth to inspect the internal bulkhead and the floor where it ties in to the bulkhead.  It was a big job digging out all of the flotation foam to get a good inspection, but once we got in there and got a good look at the glasswork, it was clear that the problem isn’t from the inside.  Tomorrow we’ll consult with Mr. Bailey (Bristol’s Service Manager) to see what his thoughts are on the oil canning and the best repair.  Then pull the rest of the gear off the deck and plan for rolling her over on Monday.  I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow 🙂

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