While We Wait

October 16, 2013 posted by admin

October 16, 2013
In the meantime we’re preparing for a few days here in Douarnenez.  A walk to the market this morning found these amazing lobsters!

They definitely exceed our “mini budget”, but they don’t exceed my camera!  Then it was a run to the grocery store.  Next up we have to move the boats back inside of the locked in harbour while we wait for our weather window.  Things are feeling very quiet.  Paul and Sheila have gone home, the banners have been taken down and the race village packed up.  Hope we go soon!!!  I’m rooting for movie night in the crew house tonight!!  Hansel and Gretel or Argo?????  What’s your vote?


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  1. liz Says:

    I’d go with Hansel and Gretal, it’s a bit more revved up than Argo. Both good tho to pass the time. All the best Diane, go shine like the diamond that you are. Love Liz.

  2. Dave Hamburger Says:

    You should watch the trailers for Robert Redfords new movie: “All is Lost”…LOL! Its a sailing movie about crossing an ocean…what could be more fitting?

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