Wind’s Up

June 18, 2011 posted by admin

11am Saturday June 18, 2011

Wind’s up. Out of the south west, 18 to 20 knots. It’s been building overnight. The forecast calls for gusts to 25. Made good progress under Big Blue, the light air spinnaker, through the night. As the wind built, changed to the heavy air reacher and as it continued, changed agian to the current genoa and main. They’re making 6 to 7 knots at 330/340°. Diane wants to keep her height as the wind may clock.

One of this morning’s “the wind’s picking up” indicators was a vang block blowing up. In hindsight, it was a bit undersized. Nick has rigged an 8:1 cascade that is working fine and will release under load if (when?) they need spill the main.

At 10am, as for most of the past day and a half, OGOC is between Pogo Loco to the north east and USA-415 to the south west. Yesterday the wind favoured boats to the north, but overnight and this morning that advantage has been reduced to a couple miles. Pogo Loco with 467nm, OGOC with 469nm and USA-415 with 471 nautical miles to go. Two days into the race, spread out, but yet within 4 miles. Wow!

Friday at 1pm Pogo Loco hit something and subsequently reported they’ve lost their starboard rudder. With only the port rudder, they will be prudent against being over canvassed.

Chris Dowling on Frogger was having back pains on Friday. Expect it is his sciatic nerve. They decided to return to Bermuda as a precautionary move. Chris & Christian Reimer arrived in Bermuda Friday night and are doing fine. Not sure of Christian’s plans to get Frogger back to Newport.

Check in with iBoat fleet tracking for the latest position reports.

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