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Iceberg Alley And Helly Hansen

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May 31, 2019 posted by Diane

May 31, 2019
What’s your next adventure? Planning adventures is always a journey on its own. My next trip is Maine to Scotland. Helly Hansen toques, t-shirts and fuzzy fleeces for all that mother nature has to offer us! Then there is food planning, route planning and oh yeah… a little sea survival and safety equipment to pack on the boat. Our route takes us right through the iceberg pack. Fortunately it is a bit smaller and closer to Newfoundland than it was a month ago! Radar will be on and eyeballs will be peeled!

IMG_20190531_081057_resized_20190531_081130441 St John's iceberg 1

Next Adventure

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May 3, 2019 posted by Diane

May 3, 2019


My next adventure is a nice northerly route from Maine to Scotland.  Planning is key to being prepared for any adventure.  This particular one will take us from Maine up past Nova Scotia and Newfoundland through the icebergs of the cold Labradore Current and onwards for 2,900 Miles to Scotland.  We’ve picked the best time of the year to go, end of June.  However….don’t kid yourself….sea temperature will be 10° or less and the air temperature not much more than that.  The trip is on a Valiant 42.  A sturdy well built cutter rigged cruiser well kitted out for the trip.  Next week myself and my crew will do a sea trial and make sure all boxes are ticked!  What’s your next adventure?  Are you prepared?  Food, clothing, routing…. all part of the fun game of having adventures.

Scotland run low res