A Successful Spring

June 8, 2012 posted by admin

I think my bestess girlfriend Lezli summed it up perfectly…. France was a “superb, spellbinding, safe and successful” adventure!  We did a fantastic amount of training and learned a heap, added key races to our qualifying miles and made some amazing friends along the way.  All of this could not have been achieved without the incredible support of our sponsors and individuals like yourselves.  UK Halsey made sure we had some amazing new sails onboard, and Cousin Trestec replaced all of the running rigging to hold those sails up. Aquafolia made sure the team was well taken care of and protected from the sun. Guarantee Company of North America ensured we had some fantastic gear to wear, and Wind Athletes Canada got our little boat to France.  These fantastic endeavours only happen because of amazing sponsors and the support of individuals like yourselves.  Whether it’s because you follow the fantastic stories, or because you make a contribution, it all comes together in a very successful campaign!  Next up we need to do a little campaign “business management”.  We’ll go back to England in February to complete the Artemis training and the last of the qualifying miles.  For now I need to find a boat to race on Lake Ontario…..I’m boatless!  🙂


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