Cleaned, Repairs & Go Solo

June 21, 2010 posted by admin

11pm Sunday June 20

Sunday was clean up the boat day. Monday is do a few minor repairs day.

Tuesday will be the start of my 1,000 nautical mile solo run from Bermuda to Annapolis. This run, sanctioned by the Minis Class is a significant qualifier for next year’s Transat race (France to Brazil) for One Girl’s Ocean Challenge.

As it’s not a race, don’t be surprised if I’m not quite that fast and take a few extra cat naps along the way. The Annapolis to Bermuda race was training. This solo run is a different type of training.

I’ll have the spot tracker on the boat so you can follow the progress.

I look forward to sharing more when I get to Toronto!

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  1. Freda Kemp Says:

    Wow – all that work and a trophy too!! Congratulations Diane!!! Have a safe trip home solo – take your time and enjoy the sail.


  2. Kevin Rogers Says:

    Watching Diane on the spot tracker, looks like she won’t be sleeping much tonight. She’s got a BUNCH of Newport-Bermuda racers to cross paths with!!

    Check out this traffic…looks worse than WB Gardner Expressway on a Friday afternoon of a long weekend.

    Click on show all.

    Good luck Diane.

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