Code Zero and the Seven Knots

June 21, 2011 posted by admin

2pm Tuesday June 21, 2011

Eleven to 12 knots of breeze is keeping our heroes busy as they tweak the code zero (over sized genoa) with each pressure change to maintain 7 knots of speed. It’s quite cool out in the ocean, they’re sailing along each in three sweaters and a pair of shorts. Their gear has mostly dried out, save the dampness that permeates everything exposed to salt water.

More bolts and the rest of the boat to be inspected. Gotta stay ahead as much as possible of any problems. No time for equipment failure tonight, their hours of darkness are booked dodging lobster pots as fast as they can sail.

At 2:05pm OGOC has 81 nautical miles to go according to iBoat Track.

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