DCQ List Update

November 30, 2012 posted by admin

November 30, 2012

We’re waiting with GREAT anticipation….for the DCQ list!  The list will be published on Dec 1st.

Just to bring everyone up to speed….here’s the explanation.  The Mini Transat saves 6 race entrance spots for non european boats to use in the race year to complete their qualifying miles.  Rumour has it that ten of us have applied for the six spots.  That means that all ten of us will be in a race to complete our qualifying miles, to gain one of the 6 coveted spots.  First six boats to complete their miles wins a spot.  The good news is that on OGOC we have almost all of our miles completed.  BUT, we won’t know for sure how we rank against the other DCQ applicants until they post the list with the rankings.  The suspense is KILLING ME 🙂

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