Dismasted: Diane is Safe & Heading for the Canaries

November 21, 2013 posted by admin

Wednesday November 20, 2013 – 300 Miles North East of the Canaries

MiniTransat has been in contact with some sad news. Diane is OK. The boat has been dismasted.

Mini Transat news reports: The Canadian sailor informed the race management, through a cargo ship which was passing nearby, that her mast has broken. She has not requested assistance and just wants to be supported upon her arrival in Lanzarote. She triggered the button on board to indicate that all is well.

Tim here. I’ve personally raced as Diane’s crew for years. Her perseverance inspires awe in me. And I can think of more than one long distance race where her perseverance has come in inspiring and unexpected ways. Obviously disappointed at the set back and greatly relieved Diane is fine. I take some small comfort and can see “my skipper” shining through in her decision to sail to the Canaries under jury rig.

Go Diane Go!


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  1. Bill Wickett Says:

    Go Diane Go! Glad to hear you are safe. You were making some good miles there to catch the back of the fleet. Fair winds into the Canaries.

  2. Maggie Cowtan Says:

    What ever weakness caused this, it was not in Diane – I have watched from the start in awe and envy at the strength, humour and perseverance she has brought to this endeavour, knowing few could match her abilities at any level. And now faced with yet another sucker punch that would have levelled most, her quality continues to show and yes, shine. Keep safe Diane.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Tough luck. I’ve been quietly watching her journey over the last several years. It’s been inspiring and has fuelled many of my day dreams.

    “Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” -Theodore Roosevelt

    Canada needs more bold sailors of her ilk.

  4. Drew Robertson Says:

    We are all watching with confidence that you will safely make landfall. I look forward to hearing about your sail to the Canaries under jury rig. Stay safe and I hope the winds are more kind on arrival.

  5. Kelly Aver Says:

    Stay Strong Diane!
    Lanzarote is beautiful ! I did a delivery there from Horta, Azores. Unlike you, I was with a crew of 4 guys and was the princess !
    I think you are the only sailor I know who would continue on with a jury rig. YOU ROCK! I hope you surf in safely !

  6. Jean-loup Says:

    The Journey counts more than the Destination. And what a journey you are experiencing, Diane. Bravo!

  7. Colin Brown Says:

    Be Calm and Carry On!


  8. Steve Halfpenny Says:

    Hi Tim: Did you understand MiniTransat’s post from 9:50 this morning about Diane? Some of her setup must still be in place if she’s gaining way on Peter Punk. Regards Steve

  9. Ric Doedens Says:

    Very sorry to hear of Diane’s mishap but very happy to hear she is safe.

    Reminds me of the Susan Hood race on Lake Ontario some year’s back when our boat “Gizmo” was dismasted. Coincidentally, the last boat we saw before the mast came down that night was Diane gently drifting by us under spinnaker on “That Damn Thang”. For us it was a minor inconvenience as we were back at the dock 3 hours later and racing again the following week. I can’t imagine what kind of heartbreak, frustration and challenge it must be for Diane right now.

    What I can imagine is Diane taking it all in stride and soldiering on in spite of everything she is having to endure.

    Be safe Diane as you nurse OGOC to Lanzarote over the next few days and good luck wherever your journey takes you from there.

  10. cinthia Says:

    Hang in there! Hope that everything will be ok!

  11. Dave Hamburger Says:

    Its not over!
    She has 12hours of technical stop remaining….can she fix it?
    Can she make it to the canaries under jury rig?
    Can this be any more tense?

    Go Diane, Go!!!

  12. Peter Marsh Says:

    I also talked to Diane in Douarnenez and was also impressed by her good humour and maturity as a sailor. I was also impressed by the amazing way that every skipper seemed to have their boat ready to go! Yes, the Mini is the the only game in town where a solo sailor can achieve his or her dreams….

    What I couldn’t see at first, but now realize, is that for the last 20 years, every boat in the Mini class has been horribly over-canvassed and under rigged –an accident waiting to happen. If you find this hard to accept, read the reports and ask yourself why there were 20 boats in the Canary Isles at once, all trying to fix breakages. Masts, sprits, rudders break all the time in short races and long ones, fittings break, chainplates rip out etc etc

    This isn’t luck or coincidence, it is the result of a 21′ boat flying sails big enough for a 35 footer–on a rig not nearly strong enough. That’s why there are 7 escorts yacht out there to pick up the wounded…….

    The result is heartbreaking, exasperating and very expensive–broken boats and rigs drifting on the ocean and parked in ports all the way down the coast every two years. There is somethign inherently wrong and unsafe abouta contest that encourages boats of this length with these features.a

    Someone needs to say this, so I have!


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