First Board In Place

April 30, 2012 posted by admin

April 30, 2012
So here’s a good idea of what the floation foam job will look like.  This is the bow of the boat on the inside.  Directly in front you can see the crash bulkhead with its oval access point screwed in place.  Directly above it you can see the first beige piece of flotation foam jammed into place against the vertical hull stiffeners (stringers).  Above you can see a sanded line.  I’ll add successive 40mm pieces of foam to build it out to that line.  Then a flat board to the bottom of the whole mess will get glued in with expansion foam.  Finally a wrap of cloth saturated epoxy to tie it all together and tab it into the hull (that’s the sanded spot).  There are three of these all together to do.  This one and then one on either side at the stern in the quarter berths.  Those spots are tight, and on the starboard side there’s a bilge pump, an autopilot drive arm and two pilot computers in the way.  Tricky stuff!  🙂


Below you will see what the rest of the kids were doing today.  The bay in Pornichet is constantly loaded with windsurfers, kite surfers, and any other sort of fun you can imagine on the water!  This was just a quick snap shot on my way back to the boat from lunch.  There were probably 50 kite surfers in the bay today!


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  1. Elizabeth Reid Says:

    For all your efforts luv, i trust you are sampling some fine reds along the way. Keep up the good work Diane, cheers, Liz.

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