Gulf Stream & Gales

June 20, 2011 posted by admin

10pm Sunday June 19, 2011

With the wind around 20 knots with gusts and all the cells preceding the front, it’s been a busy Father’s Day of sail handling, checking wear & chafe. Waves in the gulf stream haven’t helped. And it’s forecast to be a tough night:

Winds will drop a bit as a cold front approaches 13-17knots (8pm-10pm). Scattered showers and thunderstorms along front. Around 11pm the front will have crossed predicted position. Winds switch to NW 10-15. By Midnight winds will begin to crank NNE 15 and build from then on. Overnight NE 17-23 knots, then 25-33 knots with higher gusts! Gales.

North east winds blowing up against the gulf stream: lumpy square waves and lots of wind. Diane & Nick are in for a tough night in a dark, windy, cold water washing machine.

As as 10pm, OGOC has 269nm, Jay & James on USA-415 has 274nm with Philippe & Johanne on Pogo Loco have 322 nautical miles to the finish in Newport.

With a tough night in the gulf stream, anything can happen. Check iBoat Track for the latest position reports.

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