Lorient Arrival!

February 3, 2013 posted by admin

February 3, 2013
We’ve arrived!  OGOC has made it to Lorient and is parked safely in the AOS yard, ready and waiting to get prepped for the water and a mast to go up.  Today’s big job was to get the hundreds of pounds of gear out of the boat and into a locker.  Tomorrow, after a bit of a road trip to Douarnenez to get my cross arm, I’ll start sorting out the mast and then build the new cross arm for the rudders.  Depending on the weather and the launch bookings, we might get in this weekend, or sometime next week!  Woohoo!









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  1. SailorRon49 Says:

    I will enjoy following your preparations. Good prep work is one of the keys to winning.

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