February 1, 2013 posted by admin

February 1, 2013
After a long ferry trip and then a long 4 hour drive to Lorient, I arrived safe and sound.  Met up with my friends Katrina and Nikki and went and found some food and a couple of pints.  Then crashed in my van for the night.  But, not after spending a long time trying to figure out how to not get locked into my van.  This fantastic van was an alarmed secure document van, prior to being enlisted into the mini fleet.  There’s a security key for every point of access into the van and even after unlocking with the secure key from the outside, once you close the doors, they lock up again.  Makes things tricky in the morning when you try to get out.  So, last night I jurry rigged up a little system and crashed out on the boat cushion that the guys so nicely left in the van for me.  The next mission is to get the boat down to Lorient from Douarnenez and get a few things set in the van so I can cook.

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